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Written by Monte Hamilton   
Wednesday, 12 September 2007
Tour of Missouri
September 12 ? Stage 2
Clinton to Springfield Road Race

The question heading into Wednesday?s 125-mile Stage 2 from Clinton to Springfield was whether the Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team would try and hold onto Ivan Dominguez?s yellow jersey of race leader. The answer came early on, as a breakaway of 12 riders went up the road. Toyota-United did its best to reel the escapees back in, but with no help from others, it proved to be an impossible task.

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Before the start, Ivan Dominguez looked good in his yellow leader?s jersey.  There are always autographs to sign when you are the race leader. 
Photos İKathleen Poulos Photos İKathleen Poulos
fan_at_bus  ivanvelonews 
Tasmanian Sean Sullivan has a fan club in Missouri?  The crew from VeloNews TV caught up with Ivan Stevic for an interview. 
Photos İKathleen Poulos
Photos İKathleen Poulos
stevic_tv_interview  ivan_poses_with_fans 
And he wasn?t finished. Kent Gordis productions also wanted a few comments. Dominguez was as popular as a runway model before the start. 
Photos İKathleen Poulos
Photos İKathleen Poulos
Chris Wherry gets a call-up to the line as a former USPRO road race champion.  Chris Baldwin takes on food at one of the two feed zones during the long stage.
Photos İKathleen Poulos Photos İKathleen Poulos

This is a sight Missourians are becoming familiar with as the week goes on.  Heath Blackgrove (left) leads Chris Wherry over the dam near Stockton, Mo. 
Photos İKathleen Poulos Photos İChris Jones
The trip over the dam was a ride in the gutter for most of the peloton.  There wasn?t much time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. 
Photos İKathleen Poulos Photos İKathleen Poulos

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