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Thursday, 02 February 2006

ivan.dominguezIvan Dominguez


flag_us_sml.gifCountry: Cuba

Height: 5'9'

Weight: 160 lbs

Date of Birth: 5/28/1976

Place of Birth: Havana, Cuba

Residence: Agoura Hills, CA

Pro Since: 2001

When the 2007 season began for Ivan Dominguez, there was no way he could know how successful the year would be.  After shocking himself and all his competitors by winning the final stage of the Amgen Tour of California, the momentum continued and when the season was over, Dominguez amassed 15 wins, his most successful season ever, despite missing five weeks of competition due to a mid season injury to his back and ribs.

Toyota-United?s No. 1 sprinter, Ivan Dominguez took up cycling at the age of 13 and has been racing competitively for the past 16 years. Born and raised in Havana, Cuba, he is a two-time Pan American Games gold medalist and a former Cuban national champion. On the track, he remains the country?s 4 km record-holder, a mark he set in 1997.

While traveling to the United States with the Cuban National Cycling Team for the 1998 Goodwill Games, Dominguez chose to defect. Not knowing English and with no one in the United States but an uncle in Miami, he made ends meet by working at a shoe factory. Gradually, he learned English and started to make associations in the cycling world, competing and winning races in Miami. His efforts paid off when, in 2000, he was offered a spot on the Saturn Professional Cycling Team.

Seizing the opportunity with a top U.S. squad, Dominguez racked up 20 major victories in his first two seasons, including a win over Lance Armstrong in the 2002 New York City Championships. By the end of 2003, Saturn was the No. 1 domestic team, thanks in part to Dominguez?s 11 first place finishes.

Over the past several years, he has continued to excel, with major wins at the CSC Invitational, the USA Crits Series and the Bank of America Invitational, as well as three second-place stage finishes at the 2004 Tour De Georgia. In 2006, Dominguez earned 10 podium appearances, including a second place finish at the Philadelphia International Championships.

Team History
2006 ? Present - Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team
2005 - HealthNet presented by Maxxis
2004 - Colavita Olive Oil presented by Bolla Wines
2001 - 2003 - Saturn Professional Cycling Team

1st, Vuelta Ciclista CROC Stage 4
1st, Vuelta Ciclista CROC Stage 6
1st, Vuelta Ciclista CROC Stage 7
1st, Tour de Georgia Stage 1
2nd, Tour of Missouri Stage 6
3rd, Redlands Bicycle Classic Stage 3
3rd, Tour de Georgia Stage 2
3rd, AT&T Austin Downtown Criterium
4th, Tour of Missouri Stage 7
5th, Wells Fargo Twilight Criterium
8th, Tulsa Tough QuikTrip Blue Dome Criterium

2007 Results
1st, Red Trolley Classic Criterium
1st, Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium
1st, Stage 7, Amgen Tour of California
1st, Merco Credit Union Downtown Grand Prix
1st, Sequoia Cycling Classic Criterium
1st, Indio Grand Prix
1st, Garrett Lemire Memorial Grand Prix
1st, Stage 1, Joe Martin Stage Race
1st, Stage 4, Cascade Cycling Classic
1st, Wells Fargo Twilight Criterium
1st, Hanes Park Classic Criterium
1st, Stage 3, Tour of Elk Grove
1st, Stage 1, Tour of Missouri
1st, Stage 6, Tour of Missouri
1st, WCSN USA CRITS Finals
2nd, Manhattan Beach Grand Prix
2nd, Team Time Trial, International Tour de ?Toona
2nd, Chris Thater Memorial Criterium
3rd, Stage 4, Tour of Missouri
3rd, Merco Credit Union Foothills Road Race
4th, Stages 1 and 7, Tour de Georgia
4th, Stage 2, International Tour de ?Toona

2006 Highlights
1st, Walterboro Criterium (USA Criterium Series)
1st, Greenwood Criterium (USA Criterium Series)
2nd, Nalley Roswell Criterium
2nd, Sunny King Criterium (USA Crits Series)
2nd, Philadelphia International Championships
2nd Overall, McLane Pacific Classic
2nd Overall, Tri Peaks Challenge
2nd, Stage 3, Central Valley Classic
3rd Overall, Tri Peaks Challenge
3rd, Stage 2, Fitchburg-Longsjo Classic
1st, CSC Invitational
1st, Stage 3, San Dimas Stage Race
1st, Stage 4, Vuelta Ciclista Independencia, Dominican Republic
1st, Stage 5b, Vuelta Ciclista Independencia, Dominican Republic
2nd, Central Valley Classic Kearney Park Circuit Race
2nd, Central Valley Classic Tower District Criterium
2nd, Athens Twilight Criterium
3rd, Historic Roswell Criterium
3rd, Wachovia Invitational Lancaster
3rd, Stage 5a, Vuelta Ciclista Independencia, Dominican Republic
4th, Stage 3, Vuelta Ciclista Independencia, Dominican Republic
5th, McLane Pacific Downtown Grand Prix

1st, Bank of America Invitational
1st, Stage 3, Tour of Connecticut
1st, Stage 1, Grand Prix de Beauce (Quebec)
1st, Stage 3, Redlands Cycling Classic
2nd, Points Competition, Dodge Tour de Georgia
2nd, Stage 1, Dodge Tour de Georgia
2nd, Stage 2, Dodge Tour de Georgia
2nd, Stage 3, Dodge Tour de Georgia
2nd, twice, CycleFest (Florida)
2nd, Stage, Vuelta a Chiriqui (Panama)
3rd, Stage 4, Redlands Bicycle Classic
3rd, Stage 2, Valley of the Sun
5th, Stage 7, Dodge Tour de Georgia
5th, Stage 4, Tour of Connecticut Stage win, Vuelta a Chiriqui (Panama)

Other Notable Results 
2003 - 1st, Stage 4 - Vuelta a Sinaloa - Sinaloa, Mexico  
2002 - 1st, New York City Championships
2002 - 1st, Stage 1, Vuelta Independencia - Santo Domingo
2002 - 1st, Points Classification, Vuelta Independencia - Santo Domingo
2001 - 1st Stage 2, Tour de Toona (2001)
2001 - 1st, Stage 1, Solano Bicycle Classic (2001)
1997 - Gold Medal, 4 km Ind. Pursuit, Pan-American Games, Columbia
1997 - Silver Medal, 4 km Team Pursuit, Pan-American Games, Columbia

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