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Written by Monte Hamilton   
Thursday, 26 April 2007

Tour de Georgia April 16-23: Behind the Scenes

There is a lot more than just the four to six hours of bicycle racing going on during an event like the Tour de Georgia. It takes a lot of hard work behind the scenes to make sure the Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team is ready for each day?s race. Team Photographer Kathleen Poulos documented some of the activity that happens before, during and after each stage of the race.

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mike jochim
The workshop for Toyota-United Mechanic Myke Berna is often the back parking lot of the team?s hotel.
Toyota-United Soigneur Joachim Schoonaker makes sure each rider has the water bottles they need before each day?s race. 
photo © Kathleen Poulos photo © Kathleen Poulos
shane paul
Immediately following each stage, Toyota-United Head Mechanic Shane Fedon gets to work getting the Fuji team issue bicycles ready for the next day?s race.
Toyota-United Team Bus Driver Paul Davi studies up on the day?s itinerary, as well as the route to the next day?s stage start.
photo © Kathleen Poulos
photo © Kathleen Poulos
Toyota-United Soigneur Reed McCalvin (left) meets with Patrick Marquez (right) and Mike Dryman of Performance Sports Group. The pair shadowed the team on Stage 2 to see the similarities between NASCAR and professional cycling.
For a major stage race like the Tour de Georgia, the Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team often has a variety of Toyota vehicles at its disposal.
photo © Kathleen Poulos photo © Kathleen Poulos
After Stage 7 in Atlanta, the riders took time to sign autographs for fans at the Toyota-United expo booth.
When Versus wanted an interview after his victory on Stage 2, Ivan Stevic barely had time to catch his breath.
photo © Kathleen Poulos photo © Sean Weide
ivan_velonews paul_bus
Each morning, riders like Ivan Dominguez meet the press before the stage start. This time, it?s Joe Silva of VeloNews who wants to hear what Dominguez has to say.
When he?s not driving, you can usually find Davi keeping the outside ? and inside ? of the Toyota-United team bus clean.
photo © Sean Weide
photo © Kathleen Poulos
With extra equipment and plenty of food and drink, riding in the Toyota Prius Team Car can sometimes be a tight fit for Fedon.
photo © Kathleen Poulos 

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