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Written by Monte Hamilton   
Sunday, 08 July 2007
Cougar Mountain Classic  July 8, 2007

Only two Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team riders took to the start line for Sunday?s second day of racing at the Infineon Raceway. With teammates Ivan Dominguez, Sean Sullivan and Henk Vogels sidelined by injury, Jose Manuel ?Chepe? Garcia and Ryan Miller faced a tough task heading into the 120-minute race.

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The peloton wasn?t together for long, as the attacks came early on.

Garcia rode near the front for the first half of the race, making sure he could follow every breakaway.

Photos ©Veronika Lenzi  Photos ©Veronika Lenzi 

The speedway track made the descents a smooth ride. Now here?s something you don?t see everyday at an NRC race ? a neutral feed with cups of water.
Photos ©Veronika Lenzi   Photos ©Veronika Lenzi  
img_0286cmrr_chepe img_0130cmrr_chepe
A six-man breakaway ? including Garcia - finally stuck halfway through the race. Toyota-United wasn?t the only one doing the advertising for Toyota at the raceway. 
Photos ©Veronika Lenzi  Photos ©Veronika Lenzi
img_9942cmrr_miller  img_9963cmrr_chepe
Ryan Miller hung tough until knee problems forced him to abandon.  The climb on the course was a short - but steep ? one. 
Photos ©Veronika Lenzi
Photos ©Veronika Lenzi
img_0096cmrr_chepe img_0059cmrr_chepe
One of the few times when Garcia wasn?t helping drive the breakaway. After getting popped from the break, Garcia found himself in no-man?s land. 
Photos ©Veronika Lenzi Photos ©Veronika Lenzi
Race winner Alessandro Bazzana was one of five riders from Successfulliving.com presented by ParkPre who finished in the top 12.  Garcia finished alone in sixth place as the field behind shattered. 
Photos ©Veronika Lenzi Photos ©Veronika Lenzi

Toyota is a prominent sponsor at the Infineon Raceway.

Before his crash, Vogels spent much of his time at the front, monitoring attacks.

Photos ©Veronika Lenzi  Photos ©Veronika Lenzi 
Dominguez seemed to be riding comfortably in his second race back from an eight-week layoff due to injury. Vogels hit a barrier with his shoulder and immediately knew it was a bad collision. 
Photos ©Veronika Lenzi   Photos ©Veronika Lenzi  
img_8299cm_vogels img_8320cm_ivand
He would have to be rushed to the hospital for X-Rays and a CAT scan.  Dominguez leads the breakaway down one of the straightaways. 
Photos ©Veronika Lenzi  Photos ©Veronika Lenzi
img_3305cm_chepe  img_8499cm_onelap 
Garcia, who has one criterium win to his credit this season, was a workhorse throughout the race.  With a lap to go, Dominguez is near the front, escorted by Garcia. But moments later, he would be on the ground after a crash in the final turn. 
Photos ©Veronika Lenzi
Photos ©Veronika Lenzi
Dominguez surveys the damage after his crash.   
Photos ©Veronika Lenzi  
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